The Art of Modern Art


The term “modern art” refers to various forms of artistic work created during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and refers to the styles and ideologies of the modern art created during this era. The term was most commonly associated with art that was created during the Victorian age, when the traditional traditions of art were discarded in an effort to experiment with new ideas. Modern art is not limited to Victorian times; in fact, modern art dates all the way back to ancient Greece and Egypt, and is still considered very innovative and original. Modern art has become more popular among the general public over the last century, owing in part to the growth of museums that are devoted to such types of art.

Modern art does not always refer to a specific type of artwork. Some of the most common examples of modern art include painting, sculpture, prints, drawings, and photographs. The art of ancient Greece was considered revolutionary because it was a bold departure from the norms that had governed the ancient art since the beginning of civilization. Modern art was a direct response to the works of art created during the early periods of Greek civilization. These works of art included architectural structures such as the Parthenon, which was built in Athens, and which was destroyed by the invading Macedonian army. Greek art had been primarily focused on natural beauty, but modern artists have used their talents to create masterpieces that are inspired by human nature. Many contemporary artists view the Greek period as a period of great creativity, as it was during this time that many of the great pieces of artwork that we take for granted were created.

Because modern art is not confined to just one culture, it is now also being considered and accepted as a form of art that is open for interpretation. The work of today’s artists may not represent the same meaning that it did to those who were alive at the time of its creation, but it is important to remember that many of today’s greatest artists have worked on pieces of art that are not only beautiful, but that are also considered timeless classics. Because of this, there is no reason to believe that anyone who appreciates modern art must feel that it is without merit.